The #Fight4OurHealth isn’t over!

Congressional leaders are still looking for ways to massively cut our health care system to pay for tax cuts for the very rich. One of the main vehicles to do this is in the federal budget.
This month House leaders are voting on budget resolutions that could cut $2 trillion from Medicaid & Medicare. These cuts are even larger than the ones they proposed in previous ACA repeals. These votes once again set in motion the process to cut and cap the care and services for the neediest in our communities – all to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy & big corporations.
We cannot let our Congressmembers – particularly the 14 who already voted to cut our health care in the American Health Care Act earlier this year – get away with voting for these (much bigger) cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and many other vital programs.
We must keep stay vigilant to save our health care. Sign up, take action, and call your Congressmember today!